Millennium Hospitality Group provides a hands-on management style that is best exemplified through the active involvement of our Executive Team members. Every property is intensely managed and receives continuous involvement from each member. This includes ongoing operational reviews conducted with the property management staff using industry benchmarks and hospitality brand standards as our guides.

Millennium’s daily hotel operational expertise centers on providing high quality guest experiences tailored to their emotional needs. It is our ongoing goal to drive ambitious standards of service and offer guests at our hotels superior quality and value. Millennium Hospitality Group’s hands-on style of management and support team allows your hotel property staff to be highly efficient and productive. Our operational services include, but are not limited to:

  • Turnkey Project Management
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Guest and Associate Safety Programs
  • Franchise Compliance Security
  • Proven Housekeeping Systems
  • Property and Franchise Training
  • Property Inspections

Strategic Revenue Management

A key strategic priority at Millennium Hospitality is driving the highest profitable revenue, resulting in continuous market share growth across our portfolio. Our Revenue Management team has an innovative and detailed approach to attaining results that includes: dynamic pricing, yield management and strategic relationships with OTA market managers to differentiate our assets in each market. Working in concert with our sales and marketing focus, our Revenue Management team leverages the strength of our brands along with our in-house optimization tools, which allow for in-depth winning strategies across our brands

Focused Ecommerce

In a rapidly evolving hotel environment, Millennium pairs long-term vision with next-generation management practices. Nowhere is this more evident than in our high-tech approach to e-commerce and the rapidly expanding role of social media. Our e-commerce resources manage every aspect of your asset’s online presence, from SEO-optimized website design and development to email marketing, paid and organic search and third-party marketing. You can be assured your property’s calls for action are clear, consistent and targeted for maximum impact.

Sales and Marketing

Our sales team is passionate, focused and accountable, leading to the highest level of productivity and meaningful results. Our approach is entrepreneurial; we are constantly looking for ways to improve and better our performance.

It begins with our experienced leadership and the hotel sales teams charting a sales and marketing plan to maximize profits and to hold our team accountable. Our best-in-business sales and marketing teams have the proven ability to translate data into strategic initiatives that maximize revenue from the most cost-effective segments and channels.

Our sales teams are highly motivated and incentivized on their individual and overall team productivity. Senior management is engaged and supportive, assuring that goals and objectives are reached because, ultimately, success is based on performance and execution.

Our experienced sales professionals utilize cutting-edge technologies and e-commerce tools as key resources to increase productivity. As experts within the brands we serve, we excel in developing and maintaining positive brand relationships to maximize income opportunities in global sales, distribution and marketing. Detailed marketing plans and regular reviews help reinforce strategic goals, and an emphasis on resource allocation and high accountability ensures that all marketing expenses are precisely targeted.


We utilize state-of-the-art tools and resources, along with high end hospitality accounting software systems to control expenses and drive bottom line profit margins for all investors and owners.

Our full-service accounting platform provides complete payroll, accounts payable, cash flow management, financial statements and other accounting services. Our forecast system eliminates surprises and provides you with a clear picture of your hotel’s financial history and expected cash flow enabling you to plan and act with confidence. It is the right data conveyed in a timely, accurate and meaningful way. Other key areas that we focus on:

  • Daily/weekly revenue and labor forecasting and reporting
  • Centralized accounts payable processing and cash management
  • General ledger
  • Monthly financial statement preparation and review
  • Account reconciliations
  • Sales and occupancy tax filings
  • Property tax payments
  • Annual budgeting
  • Monthly hotel operations forecasting
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • Construction accounting services
  • Support and consulting on financing and refinancing
  • Audit support on fee-for-service basis


Our approach to new development focuses on an array of key areas, including:

  • Hotel Brand analysis and evaluation for each market
  • Site/real estate evaluation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Input from brands, investors, lenders and others
  • Strategic financing tailored to each project
  • Design and construction consulting
  • FFE & OSE review and placement
  • Pre/post opening considerations